‘You’ll have to drag me off, man’: British police kick passenger off train after forcing him to wear face mask (VIDEO)

A London Overground passenger was removed from the train after arguing with transport police officers over a face mask. While the passenger agreed to put it on, he decided to badmouth the officers, who made him walk.

Footage of the altercation, believed to have been filmed on Wednesday, emerged on social media and promptly went viral. It shows a young man arguing with a British Transport Police (BTP) officer, who repeatedly asks him to put on a face mask.

“You’ll have to drag me off, man,” the passenger can be heard saying as he refused to put the mask on.

The rebellious passenger was backed up by a group of friends, while several other officers were drawn into the argument as well. The officer tells the man that the other passengers believe he is an “idiot” for not wearing a mask and arguing about it.
Eventually, one person in the group passed the passenger a spare mask, which he reluctantly put on.

While the whole altercation appeared to be over, the angry passenger continued to argue with the officer, ultimately calling him a “p***y.” The officer didn’t take it lightly, and immediately marched towards the passenger, pushed him through the other commuters, and kicked him off the train at the next station.

The passenger and his group of friends were filmed arguing with the cops on the platform afterwards. The transport police acknowledged the incident, revealing that no further action was taken over the cop’s or passenger’s behavior.

“We are aware of a video circulating on social media showing officers requesting that a member of the public wear a facemask while traveling on the railway,” the BTP said. “The person was eventually removed [from] the railway, further words of advice were given, and no further action was taken.”

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