Wonder what to do in the Swiss Alps? Do a Mountain Canyon Walk! 🇨🇭 Switzerland Video 2020

🇨🇭 Switzerland tour 2020
You are not sure what to do in the Swiss Alps? Don’t miss to do a Mountain Canyon Walk! [Switzerland Video 2020]

Are you planning to travel Switzerland and are curious about what is the best travel experiences in Switzerland and what to do in the Swiss Alps? My travel diary on what to do in Switzerland in Summer will provide some inspiration.

Welcome to my Swiss mountain canyon walk in 4k Ultra HD. The Aare Gorge might be the most spectacular alpine mountain gorge in Switzerland. It is situated in the beautiful Haslital that connects the Lake Brienz region and Interlaken with the Grimsel Pass which leads to the canton of Wallis. If you are visiting the Bernese Oberland with its beautiful mountain villages of Grindelwald, Lauterbach, Gimmelwald and Muerren and you also plan a visit of Zermatt, then you will likely pass by the Haslital Valley and Meiringen. Make sure you plan a stop for a Swiss canyon walk at the Aare Gorge which is not visible from the main road. The gorge is a tucked away canyon in a somewhat hidden part off the valley but signs will take you there.

The gorge has been accessible for over 100 years now by a system of safe tunnels and pathways. Its a truly magical experience to walk through the canyon and discover new amazing sights after each turn. The path through the gorge is an easy walking tour of about 40 minutes. But be prepared to take frequent stops to take pictures. You will go through 400m (~1300 ft) of tunnels and galleries and 250m (~820 ft) of gravel and asphalt paths. The most beautiful areas of this big mountain canyon are also wheelchair accessible from the west entrance up to about the middle.

The gorge is accessed by entrances at each end of the gorge, where you pay for admission. The entrances are each linked to train stations on the Meiringen-Innertkirchen railway, with the Aareschlucht West station at the western end of the gorge, and the very cool underground Aareschlucht Ost station which is built into the mountain not far from the eastern entrance. You access that station by going over a modern suspension bridge which also offers great views over the Aare river and into the gorge.

Maybe it’s because of the turquoise-blue water of the Aare, or the amazing rock formations and water falls that present themselves as little surprises along the way. This amazing canyon is one of the best places to visit in Switzerland. I really enjoyed my visit there.

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