‘Women are better storytellers’: Nirup Bhadari

Nirup Bhandari, who plays a musician in ‘Window Seat’, talks of the film and acting with Sudeep in ‘Phantom’

The Kannada film industry seems to be getting back to normalcy with teasers of ready-to-release films and muhurats. The teaser for Window Seat, released recently, shows Nirup Bhandari in a train gazing out of the window. Produced by Jack Manju, Window Seat is directed by actor Sheetal Shetty. Nirup is on a short break after rigorous shooting for Phantom, directed by his brother, Anup, with Kichcha Sudeep in the lead. He talks to MetroPlus about SP Balasubrahmanyam, Window Seat, working with Sudeep and his hopes of directing a film.

Edited excerpts:

You are a fan of the late SPB…

Yes, I was shocked when I learnt that he was no more. We grew up listening to his songs, especially the combinations of Illayaraja, SPB and Ravinchandran. It is like a part of my childhood has gone.

The teaser of Window Seat was released last weekend. What is the film about?

Window Seat is a romantic thriller. I play a guitarist, who performs in a café. He is an introvert and has anger issues. He travels everyday by a particular train and sits by a window. What happens one day forms the story.

Window Seat is your second film with a woman director…

Yes. The first was Adi Lakshmi Purana with Priya, who worked with Mani Ratnam. Sheetal started off as a television actor. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that she would be directing Window Seat. Sheetal is a brilliant director. I do not look at the gender of the director. What matters to me is if they can execute what they narrated. Women are great story tellers. It has always been grandmothers who have told us stories, very rarely has it been the grandfather.

Could you tell us about working with Sudeep in Phantom?

Working with Sudeep is like being in an acting school. He is easy to be with, and we are always discussing cinema. I am learning so much from him. Anup and I worked on this script keeping Sudeep in mind. The way he thinks about cinema is amazing. He is also a director and the way he looks at a scene is interesting. He knows the pulse of the audience.

Are you also looking to direct like your brother?

Definitely. I have always been inclined towards direction. During Rangi Taranga, I joined Anup as an assistant and made all the casting calls. I like to be involved in other aspects too. So, yes, direction is on the horizon. I have a script ready.

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