Woman tries to kill friend over breaking pledge to never marry

HAFIZABAD: A woman allegedly hired paid killers to murder her female friend after the latter broke her pledge to refrain from marrying for a lifetime, ARY NEWS reported.

The hired paid killers attacked the girl on the directives of her friend and were able to inflict serious injuries to her during the murder attempt. The injured woman is said to be in critical condition.

It emerged that the woman stole jewelry from her house to hire paid killers for murdering her female friend. An audio conversation between the killers and woman has also emerged in which she could be heard apprising the men regarding their target and her movement.

The target killers later acting on her directives entered the friend’s house in the wee hours and opened fire on her. The woman sustained severe injuries as murderers fled while leaving behind their vehicle, which helped the police in tracing one of the accused.

The girl who hired the killers has fled after the incident and the police have launched a search for her.

In a similar incident, a girl in Faisalabad committed suicide by consuming poison after killing her friend on February 01.

According to police, the incident reported in Sahiyanwala police station of Faisalabad when a 22-year-old girl named Shakira entered the house of her friend from the roof and opened fire, killing 22-year- old Muqaddas and injuring her niece Shazia.

As a result, one girl identified as Muqaddas was killed on the spot and the other received serious wounds. The girl who fired the shots also ended her life by consuming poison.

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