Wildfires rage in southern Spain, triggering mass evacuations (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Over 3,000 people have been evacuated after a massive wildfire broke out in Spain’s southern province of Andalusia. Several separate wildfires are also raging in other regions of the country.

The massive wildfire broke out in the mountainous regions of Andalusia on Thursday. Thousands of hectares have been already burnt out while emergency services are struggling to contain the out-of-control blaze.

The fire triggered the mass evacuation of people living in small remote towns in the area, with over 3,000 people evacuated across the entire region so far.

More than 500 emergency workers, including both civilian and military personnel, have been deployed into the area. The taskforce is backed up by heavy machinery, as well as aerial units.

“It is very difficult to say when the wildfire will be under control,” Juan Sanchez of the Andalusia Forest Fire Department told the AP on Sunday. Windy and dry weather has greatly contributed to the spread of the fires, he said.

A further 70 people have been evacuated from the town of Mula, located in Spain’s southeastern region of Murcia after a wildfire dangerously approached the area.

As of Monday, the Mula fire was declared “stabilized” yet it remained unclear when it will be fully extinguished.

Another wildfire has been raging outside the town of Almonaster la Real in the province of Huelva. Firefighters had to use controlled burning tactics to contain the flames, while hitting the key areas with water-carrying aircraft from above.

Spanish firefighters are also struggling with two separate wildfires that have broken out in the western region of Extremadura.

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