Virtual Travel Event_GANGNEUNG/SOKCHO (Patrick ver.)

This time, it’s the East coast, Donghae!
VisitKorea is happy to present the second virtual travel itinerary from our Virtual Travel Event! Introducing the “Gangneung & Sokcho Travel Course” from Patrick Pilapil!

Donghae is filled with great food, cafés, and activities!
This itinerary shows the nature and scenery of Gangneung and Sokcho and the activities that can be enjoyed in the heart of Korea during autumn.

– Lotte Resort Sokcho: The embodiment of nature’s beauty in Seoraksan Mountain and Donghae. Enjoy the perfect ocean view shaped by nature.
– Seoraksan Mountain: See the breathtaking sight of the majestic Seorak in fall colors!
– Sokcho Jungang Market: Fresh seafood at affordable prices, mouthwatering glazed fried chicken (dakgangjeong), and the snow crab, the specialty of Sokcho… This market has it all!
– BTS Bus Station: ARMY will recognize this bus stop as the one featured in “You Never Walk Alone.” Hyangho Beach Bus Stop is the place that tops all fan tour destinations!
– Gangneung Bonbon Mill: This was a real mill dating back to the 1940s! The façade of this local café is straight out of Gangneung’s past.
– Aranabi Zipline: Fly over the blue seas of the East Sea with this exciting zip line!
– Jumunjin Beach: The view of the East Sea here is simply the best, no matter the time of the year!

Source: VISITKOREA YouTube Channel

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