Viola Davis on Hollywood's pay disparity towards black actresses: 'I demand changes'

Viola Davis on Hollywood’s pay disparity towards black actresses: ‘I demand changes’

Viola Davis opens up about the struggles of performing in Hollywood, while subsequently dealing with the rampant pay disparity in between white and black stars.

The Oscar award-winning star touched upon her past pay disparity struggles during a candid discussion and even attributed it all to being nothing short of getting handed leftovers, rather than full meals.

Davis elaborated upon her euphemism during her interview with InStyle magazine and was even quoted telling the publication that she prefers food that is “Cooked at the exact temperature.”

The actress went on to claim how, “You cannot throw me a bone with a really nice little piece of meat still on it and expect that’s good enough for me.”

Even though “I love my collard greens and all of that, and I know we were given the leftovers. I know how to cook that, but I want a filet mignon.”

The Law and Order star went on to say, “The differences in pay and the lack of access to opportunities are huge. I fully expect changes. I’m trying to lift my hopes up. Even if it takes a little bit of vodka. If we don’t move forward together, then we don’t move forward.”

This article originally appeared on The News International