Ushna Shah shares throwback pictures from her childhood with an interesting story

TV actress Ushna Shah on Thursday took to Instagram to share a couple of throwback pictures from her childhood.

She wrote an interesting story about the pictures in the caption which accompanied her Insta post.

Here is what she wrote: 

“Here is a cute little throwback coincidence I have decided to share with you!

⁣I found this to be quite serendipitous and full circle . The world is indeed minuscule. I didn’t recognize the person in this pictures & my sister told me it’s Shahid Shafaat AKA Shaddi bhai. We’ve never officially met but have come close to working together. Well.. I suppose we HAVE met, in the early-mid 90’s , and have shared a laugh.

Who would have guessed that the child in these images would one day find herself in Pakistan working in the drama industry, and this gentleman would one day be a director in that same industry. And their paths would cross again, decades later, as very different people.”

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