Twitter rolls out updated Carousel ads feature for advertisers

Twitter tested the Carousel ads format in 2016, which allows advertisers to attach multiple images or videos to a single ad tweet.

Twitter introduced on Wednesday a new and updated version of its Carousel ads feature for advertisers to help companies drive consumer engagement and increase app installs.

Carousel cards are horizontally swipeable images that can be used to promote direct advertising. Advertisers can add up to six carousel cards in a single ad to showcase the product and highlight its features. Video carousels enable video ads.

Currently, a single carousel ad can either contain only images or videos; not both. The format is available via Ads Manager and through Twitter’s API.

In beta testing, website carousel ads saw a 15% increase in click-through rate, while app carousels witnessed a 24% increase in installs per impression relative to the single-ad format, Twitter stated.

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Twitter’s ad revenue rose 15% in the September ended quarter compared with the same period last year, as companies spent more on advertising to attract customers during the pandemic. The California-based company also said its average monetisable daily active usage grew by a third last quarter compared with last year.

This article originally appeared on The Hindu