Trump: Voters Love What I’ve Done on Covid-19

When President Donald Trump is asked if voters will judge him on his response to the coronavirus he said Tuesday that “voters are judging me on a lot of things.”

His response comes as he heads out on another three stop campaign day across three different states amid concerns over the surging cases of COVID-19 across the country.

Trump is anxious for voters to focus on other issues such as the economy.

The president is staying focused on the so-called “blue wall” states that he flipped in 2016: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, where he’ll return on Tuesday to hit West Salem just three days after holding a Janesville rally.

Anticipating a razor-thin Electoral College margin, Trump has an aggressive schedule including a visit to Omaha, Nebraska, on Tuesday after a Sunday visit to Maine, aiming to lock up one electoral vote in each of the states that award them by congressional district.

The president is holding a dizzying 11 rallies in the final 48 hours before polls close.

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