Thirst for justice? BLM protester in ‘Nazi lives don’t matter’ T-shirt, chugs elderly white woman’s beer in Pittsburgh

Black Lives Matter marches continued across the US at the weekend, and during one particularly tense scene in Pittsburgh, a disgruntled activist quenched their thirst by chugging an elderly white bystander’s beer.

The protester, modelling a “Nazi Lives Don’t Matter” T-shirt, was part of a larger group which marched down Penn Ave on Saturday. 

Eyewitness footage captured the moment the mob began berating outdoor diners outside the Mercato Italian restaurant during a protest march which was ironically dubbed “Civil Saturday.”

In the video, which has accrued over 1.5 million views, the protester walks up to an elderly couple’s table and unceremoniously down’s one of their beers while her compatriots can be seen smashing glasses and plates in the background among the din of BLM chants and loudhailer abuse. 

Many online argued that this form of ‘intimidation as protest,’ was likely to get Trump re-elected, with some even wryly joking that “Trump isn’t paying these guys enough.”

Additional footage from the same area captured the moment a male cyclist was assaulted by a march leader brandishing a megaphone as he passed the group. As the man attempts to defend himself, he is then struck across the head by another member of the “protest group” wielding a skateboard.

Similar incidents were captured on camera in Rochester New York over the weekend, as protesters laid siege to streetside restaurants before hurling furniture and scaring patrons indoors.

The New York protests were in response to the release of police body cam footage from the ultimately fatal arrest of Daniel Prude, 29, in March. He was placed in a so-called ‘spit hood’ as he was high on PCP at the time of his arrest. He suffocated while in police custody. 

Verbal tirades targeting outdoor diners is the latest tactic used by BLM activists, which shot to infamy in August after BLM activists targeted an eatery in Washington DC in a now-viral video.

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