Taylor Swift treats front line nurse with package and handwritten note

If there’s one celeb who knows how to give back to their fans, it’s Taylor Swift!

This week, Swift managed to successfully surprise Britta Thomason – front-line nurse and a Swiftie – with a special package delivered straight to her work, complete with a handwritten note from her.

Thomason subsequently took to Facebook to excitedly share pictures of the note and package with a note from herself thanking Swift for the gesture. Thomason also detailed how the whole exchange came about.

“I mentioned in a recent news article with The Telegraph & macon.com that I am a big Taylor Swift fan…and this showed up at work today!” she wrote. “I’ve always seen videos of her fans opening packages she sent them but never did I EVER think I would be one of them!”

Y’all. Y’ALL!!

I mentioned in a recent news article with The Telegraph & macon.com that I am a big Taylor Swift…

Posted by Britta Thomason on Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Swift, 31, thanked the nurse for her contribution to the fight against COVID in her note, writing, “Dear Britta, I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for serving on the front lines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others.”

“I am so inspired by your passion for helping and caring for your patients and I was so touched that you mentioned liking my music recently!” she further wrote, concluding with, “I’ll be thinking about you, and forever grateful.”

Thomason herself wrote that “she will be crying for the rest of the day” as she fangirls over the package.

In one of the videos posted by the nurse, she can be heard saying, “I can’t read it because I’m gonna cry. I’m dying! Oh my god. Look at all this stuff.”

The package includes a plethora of Swift’s merchandise including sweaters, shirts water bottles, and even guitar picks!

This isn’t the first time that Swift has directly reached out to her biggest fans with personal notes. Earlier in the pandemic, she also sent a care package to an 11-year-old fan, Emerson Weber, who had reached out to a postal worker thanking him for his service during the pandemic.

She even quietly paid to keep a Nashville record shop afloat during the pandemic!

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