Tandoori Chicken with garlic butter pasta recipe by Food Fusion

-In spice mixer,add yogurt,garlic paste,dried parsley,cumin powder,salt,lemon juice,tandoori masala, cooking oil and grind well.
-In a bowl,add chicken fillets,prepared marinade and mix well,cover and marinate for 30 minutes.
-Grease grill pan with cooking oil and grill marinated fillets from both sides until done (approx. 5-6 minutes each side).
-Cut chicken fillets into pieces.
-In heated water,add salt,cooking oil and bring it to boil.
-Add spaghetti and boil as per packs instruction and reserve ½ Cup spaghetti water for later use then strain spaghetti and rinse with cold water.
-In a wok,add butter and let it melt.
-Add garlic and mix well.
-Add red chilli crushed,dried parsley,black pepper powder and mix well.
-Add boiled spaghetti and toss well.
-Now add reserved spaghetti water,mix well and cook for 1-2 minutes & set aside.
-In saucepan,add cooking oil,butter and let it melt.
-Add garlic and fry until light golden & set aside.
-In serving dish,add cooked spaghetti,chicken pieces,pour garlic butter and sprinkle dried parsley & serve!

Recipe in Urdu:

-Dahi (Yogurt) 3 tbs
-Lehsan paste (Garlic paste) 1 tbs
-Dried parsley 1 tsp
-Zeera powder (Cumin powder) ½ tsp
-Namak (Salt) 1/4 tsp or to taste
-Lemon juice 1 tbs
-Tandoori masala 1 & ½ tbs
-Cooking oil 1 tbs
-Chicken fillets 350g
-Cooking oil 1-2 tsp
-Water as required
-Namak (Salt) 1 tbs
-Cooking oil 1 tbs
-Spaghetti 200g
-Makhan (Butter) salted 50g
-Lehsan (Garlic) chopped 3 tbs
-Lal mirch (Red chilli) crushed 1 tsp
-Dried parsley 1 tbs
-Kali mirch powder (Black pepper powder) 1 tsp
-Cooking oil 1 tbs
-Makhan (Butter) 1 tbs
-Lehsan (Garlic) sliced 1-2 tbs
-Dried parsley

-Spice mixer mein dahi,lehsan paste,dried parsley,zeera powder,namak,lemon juice,tandoori masala aur cooking oil dal ker ache tarhan mix grind ker lein.
-Bowl mein chicken fillets aur tayyar marinade dal ker ache tarhan mix karein aur dhak ker 30 minutes kliya marinate ker lein.
-Grill pan ko cooking oil sa grease karein aur marinated fillets ko dono sides sa grill ker lein (approx. 5-6 minutes each side).
-Chicken fillets ko pieces mein cut ker lein.
-Garam pani mein namak aur cooking oil dal dein aur ubal anay dein.
-Spaghetti dal ker 15 minutes kliya boil ker lein aur ½ cup spaghetti water ko bad mein use kernay kliya nikal lein phir spaghteei ko strain ker ka thanday pani sad ho lein.
-Karhai mein makhan dal ker melt karein.
-Lehsan dal ker ache tarhan mix ker lein.
-Lal mirch crushed,dried parsley aur kali mirch powder dal ker ache tarhan mix karein.
-Boiled spaghetti dal ker ache tarhan toss ker lein.
-Ab reserved spaghetti water dal ker ache tarhan mix karein aur 1-2 minutes kliya paka lein & side per rakh dein.
-Saucepan mein cooking oil aur makhan dal ker melt karein.
-Lehsan dal ker light golden hunay tak fry ker lein & side per rakh dein.
-Serving dish mein cooked spaghetti,chicken pieces,garlic butter aur dried parsley dal ker serve karein!