Taliban say want resolution of Afghan issue through dialogue

The Taliban said on Friday that the organisation preferred to resolve the Afghan problem through dialogue, saying nor does it interfere in anyone's internal affairs neither does it want any interference from others .

In a series of tweets, Talidban spokesperson Dr Naeem sought the role of the international community in the war-stricken country's reconstruction.

"Yesterday evening, Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, Deputy Political Bureau of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and his accompanying delegation had an online meeting with representatives of European countries, the United States, UNAMA and Qatar," said a Taliban spokesperson Dr Naeem on Twitter.

"The meeting was hosted by the Special Representative of Italy Gianfranco Petrozella and representatives from Germany," he added.

1/6- عصر دیروز محترم مولوی عبدالسلام حنفی معاون دفتر سیاسی امارت اسلامی افغانستان و هیئت همراهش جلسه ای آنلاین با نمایندگان کشورهای اروپایی ، ایالات متحده ، یوناما و قطر داشتند. این نشست به میزبانی نماینده خاص ایتالیا جیانفرانکو پتروزلا برگزار شد و نمایندگانی از آلمان ،
— Dr.M.Naeem (@IeaOffice) July 23, 2021

Dr Naeem said that Britain, France, Norway, the European Union, UNAMA, Qatar and the NATO civilian representative were also present during the meeting.

At the beginning, he added, the deputy head of the political bureau of the Islamic Emirate spoke in detail about the current situation in Afghanistan, the peace process and related issues.

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"Although the Islamic Emirate is now in a strong military position, its policy on peace has not changed. The Islamic Emirate prefers to resolve the Afghan problem through dialogue. We have no foreign agenda. We do not interfere in anyone's internal affairs and we do not allow anyone else to interfere in our internal affairs," he quoted the deputy head as saying.

The Islamic Emirate does not allow any group or individual to use the territory of Afghanistan against the security of other countries. He added that Afghanistan is the common home of all Afghans. The Islamic Emirate does not want a monopoly of power. All Afghans must participate in the construction, development, security and prosperity of their countries.

"The international community must play an active role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. The joining of about 200 districts with the Islamic Emirate in the past two months shows the widespread support of the people for the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate is committed to respecting human rights, women's rights, education and interaction with the world in light of Islamic law and national interests," Dr Naeem said.

"Issues of prisoners, immigrants, blacklists and others were also discussed. At the end of the meeting, the questions of the participants were answered by the Board of the Islamic Emirate," he concluded.

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