Shahbaz Shigri pens a humorous love-note for singer Aima Baig

Shahbaz Shigri has proven time and again that he makes for a super cheesy, yet cheeky partner, and his latest love-note for beau Aima Baig is no different!

The actor cum filmmaker took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a heartfelt message with his lady-love, but in typical Shigri style, he put a hilarious spin on his ode to love. “The most beautiful, amazing, magnanimous, and wholesomely awesome human being I have ever met in my life,” he wrote, before adding, “And that’s Aima Baig next to him.”

Needless to say, he got the message of his admiration for Aima across, yet he made sure to let her know that he was joking. “I’m kidding. All those descriptive words actually apply to her, and still, they aren’t enough,” he went on, gushing about the gorgeous songstress.

“Thanks for tolerating me you gorgeous soul, I promise it only gets worst, so hold on tight,” he said, concluding his note.

The caption was accompanied by a stunning picture of the couple, with Baig in a gorgeous, red sari and Shigri in a dapper suit.

The two sure make for one fun couple!

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