Sabeeka Imam calls out nepotism ahead of Azaan Sami Khan’s TV debut

Sabeeka Imam is not taking any prisoners when it comes to calling out nepotism in the entertainment industry. 

The model on Thursday took a scathing jibe at singer/composer Azaan Sami Khan after he bagged an acting role alongside TV stalwarts Sajal Aly and Yumna Zaidi without any prior acting experience – the serial is set to air soon on a local channel.

Without taking names, Sabeeka Imam wrote on Twitter, “So it seems like you need zero onscreen acting experience and you could also debut with both the AMAZING Yumna and Sajal.”

She didn’t stop there, adding, “Mujhe bhi itni hi achi LUCK chahiye (I also want such good luck) where I don’t have to earn it or prove myself first and it just gets handed to me on a plate!”

Sabeeka’s explosive take on Azaan’s debut project was met with divided opinions online, with a majority of people agreeing with her while a handful backed Azaan.

“Good connections over everything,” said one other user, while another disagreed with Sabeeka Imam saying, “I don’t think so, on-screen acting experience is mandatory to star opposite a superstar or amazing artist. Sajal debuted opposite Fahad Mustafa when she had zero on-screen experience but she was good in acting. Only acting is required.”

Another user commented on Instagram, “If he acts bad, he won’t get a project again… But being related to the fraternity definitely gives benefits.”

Sabeeka Imam also took a potshot at those who do not agree with her, saying, “Aap log humein bura bhala kahen to woh sab theek hai lekin main as an artist koi opinion doon to main “jealous”? (It’s okay if you guys criticize us, but if I give my opinion as an artist, then I am jealous?)”

Do you agree with Sabeeka’s stance on nepotism? Let us know!

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