Royal Moist Wet Wipe Towelette, Individually Wrapped, Package of 100

Price: $9.15
(as of Aug 21,2020 01:36:12 UTC – Details)

Convenient, effective, and efficiently lemon-scented Royal moist towelette are a highly convenient way for getting the hands cleaned in a quick and effective manner. They do not require soap and water, and are very handy for restaurant’s guests. These wipes are made from paper, and have refreshing lemon scent. Each wipe is individually wrapped, with an unfolded size of approximately 4″ X 6″. Serve with messy foods! these moist towelette make eating messy foods such as chicken wings, ribs, or other finger foods easier and cleaner! Serve with meals, and place a display at the payment counter for customer convenience! Perfect for kids! this Product is a wonderful addition to any classroom. These wipes help to clean children’s hands with ease without the use of soap or water. Perfect for wiping Small messes, these wipes are a convenient item to have in any day care, Preschool, school, or school lunch!

Individually wrapped! Each moist towelette is individually wrapped. This helps to ensure that each wipe is fresh and moist. Customers will appreciate the convenience of an individually wrapped towelette instead of a finger bowl.
Convenient and efficient! This product does not need soap and water to use. Customers can simply wipe their hands clean and they will quickly air dry. Serve with the meal, and have a display at the payment counter for customers to help themselves!
Serve messy foods with ease! These wipes are perfect for restaurants that serve chicken wings, ribs, pizza, corn on the cob, lobster, finger foods, or other messy foods. They are a welcome addition to any plate and meal! Perfect for catering events, bars, restaurants and barbecue joints!
Refreshing! These wipes have a refreshing lemon scent. They are water based, and are not . Customers will enjoy the energizing citrus fragrance that come with these wipes. This item will leave hands feeling clean and refreshed after meals. The Unfolded size of this wipe is approximately 4″ X 6″.
Excellent addition to classrooms! This product is will wipe children’s hands clean with ease! Perfect for school classrooms, day care, preschool, or to pack with school lunches! Pack them in a purse, a Diaper bag, or in the car for convenience on the go!

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