Reese Witherspoon elated to go back to 'The Morning Show' set with Jennifer Aniston

Reese Witherspoon expressed her happiness on resuming shoot of ‘The Morning Show’

Reese Witherspoon cannot contain her excitement after shoot for The Morning Show resumes with Jennifer Aniston.

The actress expressed her happiness on going back to the set, after COVID-19 outbreak hampered everything around the world. 

In an Instagram post, Witherspoon said, “Wakey wakey. It’s back to work!”

She can be seen holding a mug with ‘wakey wakey’ written on it. 

In the photo she dons a blue checkered shirt with a casual pair of denims. 

The Morning Show stars Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in lead roles. 

Aniston even won the Screen Actors Guild award in 2019 for her performance in the show.

This article originally appeared on The News International