Quick and easy breakfast recipes to start your day right

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, a fact that is corroborated by nutritionists worldwide. Yet, many of us fail to incorporate a daily, healthy breakfast into our daily routine, and it’s high time that we buckle up!

In times like today, with a pandemic raging and seasonal illnesses reigning supreme, it’s even more important to fix yourself a good breakfast to kickstart your day and to keep your immune system healthy.  If you are bored of the same old, egg and toast, or toast and tea breakfast options, here are some quick and easy things for you to try out that are also rich in necessary nutrients!


oats meal

Incorporating oats into your meal plan can prove to be the best decision you make. They are easy to make, conveniently available, and loaded with healthy nutrients. What could be better? You don’t even have to repeat the same recipe every day… there are tons of variations you can try, from adding fresh fruits to making a spicier version or just adding plain yoghurt or nuts to your bowl. The possibilities are endless!

Breakfast crepes or dosa

You can call them crepes or if you are in the mood for a savoury, more desi version, you can make a dosa (you might need to prep your batter overnight for this), but one thing is for sure: they are easy to prepare in the morning and yummy to eat and that’s all that matters to us.


Like oats, you can customise these to your liking, ranging from potato fillings to sweeter spreads, while also being sure that you will enjoy your breakfast and get enough nutrients to charge you through till lunchtime!


Fixing yourself a smoothie on your morning run when you are on a time crunch is perhaps one of the best ideas we discovered and incorporated in our routines. All you will need are fruits and vegetables that are already available at your house, and toss them in a blender.


You can also customise these to your liking as well, making sure to stock your fridge with fruits and veggies of your liking! They’re healthy, light and can fill you for longer too.

Healthy cereals


Cereals don’t have to be the boring old, sugary breakfast options that we were used to as kids. You can opt for more healthy options on the market and then customise your bowl with yoghurt, fruits, quinoa, nuts or anything else of your liking. Thank us later!

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