Prince William's private meeting with Joe Biden exposed

Prince William met Joe Biden back in 2014 when was the Vice President of US 

Prince William had a private meeting with US presidential candidate Joe Biden, which was closed to the press interestingly. 

This happened back in 2014 when Barack Obama was in office and Biden was the Vice President.

Although William’s meeting with then-US President Obama was highly publicised, his meeting with the VP was an extremely private affair.

While speaking to Obama, the Duke of Cambridge said, “I remember when George was born, I forgot to work out whether it was a boy or a girl.

“The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos. You are suddenly… well, actually it’s a boy,” he added.

William then glanced around the room, and joked, “You’ve got pretty much every member of the press in here, haven’t you?”

The royal’s next meeting with Biden was conducted with no press involved, in greater privacy.

According to the White House, “The President and Duke of Cambridge discussed the long and special relationship between the UK and the US.

“In addition, the Duke of Cambridge briefed the President on his initiative to combat the illegal wildlife trade, an issue to which the President and this administration are strongly committed,” it said.

This article originally appeared on The News International