Prince William brutally attacked by anti-monarchy group for keeping COVID-19 battle secret

Prince William had contracted the deadly virus in April but never disclosed it to the public

An anti-monarchy group has launched a blistering attack on Prince William after news got out that he kept his coronavirus diagnosis secret for a long time. 

According to multiple reports, the Duke of Cambridge had contracted the deadly virus in April but never disclosed it to the public. 

Graham Smith, who is the CEO of an anti-monarchy group called Republic, slammed William stating that his act  indicates a “condescending view of the public.”

“Every other public official who has caught it has been honest and open about it, not least as a way of showing some kind of leadership and (leading) by example and taking necessary precautions,” Smith said.

“We don’t treat the public like children, we tell them the truth and you let the public decide what they’re going to be concerned about.”

He added: “People were concerned about Boris Johnson, but no one hid it, everyone was told what was going on and people were able to make their own judgments.

“It’s a rather condescending view of the public and a very inflated view of William’s importance to the country,” the Republic founder stated.

According to The Sun, William told a confidante that he did not want the people to worry over his health. 

“There were important things going on and I didn’t want to worry anyone,” the Duke had reportedly said at the time.

Following his diagnosis, William continued to perform his duties online and was treated by palace doctors in  Norfolk. 

However, he was hit “pretty hard” by the virus and at one stage struggled to breathe, the publication said.

This article originally appeared on The News International