Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were driven out of UK out of 'jealousy'

Many experts, critics and fans have been deeply discussing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit and what exactly was the driving factor behind their move.

And now DJ Fat Tony, who spun the decks at their wedding reception in 2018, is also joining the conversation and giving his take.

According to the DJ, it was ‘jealousy’ that became the cause of the major split within the royals and drove the Duke and Duchess of Sussex out of the United Kingdom.

Tony was quoted by Mirror as saying: “It’s typical of the way we are in this country – we build people up and then try to destroy them. God forbid, they wanted to live their own life.”

“I think it’s human nature to be jealous. We shoot things down that we don’t understand.”

“And with Harry and Meghan, nobody understands what went on – it’s all speculation and they’ve never discussed it. So it’s, ‘let’s hate them’.”

Tony, who has also been praised by Harry for his ‘social media’ persona, said he was glad the couple has finally found some peace across the pond.

“If you’re doing something you don’t love and you’re not happy doing it, don’t do it. There’s always another option,” he said. 

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