President underlines importance of cyber-security in diverse fields

President Dr. Arif Alvi has underlined the importance of cyber security in all fields, including defence, industry, politics and culture.

Addressing a two-day Annual International Conference on Cyber Warfare at Air University in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said we need to develop ability to fight cyber warfare and defend ourselves.

The President said cyber-attack could be faced in any field, therefore, there should be trained people in every sector to defend it.

Emphasizing on paradigm rethinking at higher education level, he said we need millions of trained people for this job.

Dr Arif Alvi said it is the need of the hour to disseminate awareness regarding the security of institutions from cyber-attacks.

He urged the educational institutions to prepare the youth as per the requirements of the market.

Talking about the use of EVM in the general elections he said we are trying to introduce a system which could easily protect the system from Cyber-attacks.