" Pot Pulao " Bajias Cooking

” Pot Pulao ”
For this we are going to need 1½ kg goat meat, 1 md-L sized onion chopped roughly, handful garlic 1 L sz, 2 inches of ginger cut into coins. For the spices we are going to need 1½ tbs full whole black pepper, 5 mixed sizes of black cardamoms, 2 cinnamon sticks / 1 cinnamon stick of finger sz, ½ tbs full cloves and 8-10 dried red chillies and put that all in our pot. Then wash and soak 5 cups of basmati rice (Qila Excel extra long grain). To the meat pot add 2½ ts full of salt, 1½ ts full of coriander powder, 1½ ts full of cumin seeds and 2 cups of water. Cover and cook on a high heat until it starts to boil and then mix it and let that cook on low heat.
Thinly slice the 2 md sz and fry them in ½+ oil over a md heat and cook them until they are nice and brown. Crush 1 inch of ginger and 1 handful of garlic / 1 md sz whole garlic in pestle and mortar. Once the meat is cooked and is tender in the pot, take out the goat meat and add it to a big pot and fry it with the fried onion along with the oil on high heat. Add the crushed ginger and the garlic and fry well until the meat is nice dark red colour. Measure the water that’s remaining from the meat so we have approximately 1 cup. To cook the rice in the pot we need 6½ cups more water. Once that’s done add the 7½ cups of stock that you measured back to the goat meat and now taste the stock that you have made and its important to note at this point when you taste it that it should be little bit salty so the salt flavour should be coming on a little bit strong when you taste it this is because once we cook it in the rice if you feel that the salt is perfectly fine for the stock then when it cooks in the rice it will be flavourless and there will be no salt. So its good to have a little bit extra salt. So add 5 cups of rice (Qila Excel Extra Long Grain) which we soaked at the start of our cooking and mix it and then cover ¾ th and cook it on high heat. While its cooking check on it and mix it a little bit very gently because the rice will break otherwise and we will just leave it now, cover and leave it until the rice is fully cooked. Once the water is almost dried turn the heat completely low and sprinkle the black cumin or the caraway seeds 1tbs on top and then cover fully and let it just sit on oven tray or big tawa for about 20-25 mins so that the flavour is infused. So our pot pulao is now ready.