Police truck rolls through crowd & ‘hits protester’ in Minsk (DISTURBING VIDEOS)

Amid chaotic protests in Belarus, several disturbing videos posted online show a police van rolling through a crowd with a man hanging on its hood for several chilling seconds before falling near – or under – the wheels.

During one of multiple violent standoffs between protesters and riot police in the capital of Belarus on Sunday night, a police van was seen rolling through a crowd. Activists apparently tried to block it, with one man jumping on the vehicle.

As the truck sped away, the man stood on its front bumper holding onto the radiator grill, but eventually fell – or jumped off – onto the road, to the shock of the crowd.

Several activists rushed to the man, who was lying on the ground motionless, and led him away as flashbangs were exploding in their vicinity.

While the disturbing incident was captured from multiple angles, it was not immediately clear if the vehicle actually ran over the man, or if he was lucky enough to dodge the wheels as the truck veered away slightly as he fell.

Sunday unrest follows a contested presidential election, in which the opposition refused to accept the projected landslide victory incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko. Multiple opposition activists, as well as at least one officer, were injured in clashes, but health authorities have yet to release any official numbers.

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