PM to invest in talented youth to make PTI cadres stronger

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan is working hard to bring about young blood, educated and selfless cadres into the fold of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) in order to strength foundation of his ruling party to make it a viable political entity capable of purging Pakistan of ‘elite capture’.

Background discussions with senior PTI leaders and close confidants of PM Khan revealed that Imran and his die hard party colleagues have decided this in the light of assessment based on PTI’s completion of first two years in power.

Sharing the assessment, a senior party official believed that Imran Khan had tried to make a team of party colleagues capable of delivering and taking the party’s policies and agenda forward in the direction envisioned and set by the prime minister to covert Pakistan into Naya Pakistan (New Pakistan).

However, he sounded optimistic that Imran Khan is now far better placed after hard work and his policies are now taking root, leaving his political rivals no space to exploit for political mileage in future politics in the country. 

Young politicians encouraged to participating in upcoming Local Government elections

About PTI’s future political strategy, insiders believed that Imran Khan is working to ensure that the party is strengthened at the grassroots level by encouraging young and educated leaders to take part in the forthcoming Local Government elections particularly in Punjab, KP and Karachi.

They were of the firm view that PTI would strive to get best talent in these elections as future leaders capable of running the party. “Imran Khan is going to place strong filters to get the best young leaders through the LG polls,” the sources added.

PM Khan has also set his sight and working on his plans to secure maximum seats in the Senate elections to be held in March next year in order to turn it into a PTI majority house.

His views largely resonate with the views of PM Khan who in his recent interview to a private TV had admitted lack of skills and experience of his party to govern the country. ruling PTI had passed through during first two years in power, the Prime Minister had claimed credit for setting future direction for the country to make it corruption free and welfare state on the model of State of Madina.  He sounded optimism to sort out major economic challenges including retirement of external debt, creating a pension fund and power sector reforms in the larger public interest.


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