PM Imran Khan lauds Chinese president's leadership on 'combatting climate change'

Pakistan lauds Chinese President Xi Jinping leadership in “combatting climate change and biodiversity loss”, said Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday.

Taking to Twitter, PM Imran thanked President Xi for the “strong message” he shared on World Environment Day 2021, which was hosted by Pakistan. He added that the message reflected both the countries’ commitment to counter environment degradation.

“We laud Pres Xi’s leadership in combatting climate change and biodiversity loss and his offer to step up cooperation on ecosystem restoration,” said the PM.

The Chinese president, in his congratulatory letter to the World Environment Day events held in Islamabad, had urged the international community to work together with “unprecedented ambition and action to strive for a fair and reasonable system of global environmental governance featuring win-win cooperation and promote the sustainable development of humanity”.

Chinese state news agency Xinhua reported that President Xi labelled the events held in Pakistan with the theme of ecosystem restoration of “great significance”.
“Earth is humanity’s shared home, and a sound ecosystem is essential for the prosperity of civilizations,” said the Chinese president

He urged humanity to “respect nature, follow its laws, protect it, and endeavor to foster a new relationship where humans and nature can both prosper and live in harmony”.

“Climate change, biodiversity loss, worsening desertification and frequent extreme weather events have all posed severe challenges to human survival and development,” said Xi.

The letter by the Chinese President came as Pakistan, in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme, hosted the World Environment Day on Saturday.

The day was celebrated across the world through various events and activities, in line with the latest coronavirus regulations.

This year, the theme is “ecosystem restoration” and focuses on resetting our relationship with nature.

Pakistan in recognition to its lead role in implementing promising “Ecosystem Restoration Initiatives” was given hosting of World Environment Day where it showcased its success stories in nature conservation.


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