PHC lifts ban on TikTok

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) on Thursday lifted the ban on popular social media platform TikTok directing the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to take more steps to curb immoral content.

PHC Chief Justice Qaisar Rashid Khan presided over the hearing of a petition filed against the social media platform wherein, DG PTA, director legal PTA and authority’s lawyer Jahanzeb Mehsud and petitioner's lawyer Sara Ali Khan appeared before the court.

During the proceedings, PHC chief justice inquired about action taken against the immoral content on the social media app.

“We have raised the issue again with the TikTok’s administration,” the DG PTA replied. “ They have also hired a focal person and will look into all the immoral and illegal content that is being uploaded.”

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The judge remarked that PTA should have a system in place that could distinguish between good and bad content whereas immoral content should not be uploaded on TikTok at all.

“When people find out that PTA is taking action against them, then they will not upload such things,” the judge further said.

DG PTA prayed that they have asked the TikTok administration to block such users who upload such content repeatedly.

PTA lawyer Mehsud prayed that there are some sites in which certain things cannot be blocked and the entire site has to be shutdown.

The court directed the DGP PTA to submit a detailed report at the next hearing by May 25.

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