Pakistani YouTubers Ducky Bhai, Irfan Junejo explain registering channels abroad |

YouTubers Saadur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai and Irfan Junejo have responded to the criticism they received from Pakistani Twitter users for registering their channels in the US and India.

Ducky, who has over 1.97 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, says the platform hasn’t yet proposed the Superchat and Channel Membership features in Pakistan. Hence, he chose to register it in India.

In a Twitter post, he said he could change the host country from India to the US or UK, but still cannot change it to Pakistan due to the platform’s policy.

Junejo had a similar answer. When called out by a Twitter user for registering his second channel Junejo 2.0 in the US, the YouTuber said he streams live videos on the channel and the platform’s limitation in Pakistan stops him from doing so.

Junejo has over 982,000 subscribers on his main channel and 282,000 on his second channel where he usually does live streaming.

In February, he announced that he was quitting vlogging. Junejo had claimed that he doesn’t enjoy making vlogs anymore.

He also opened up about his struggles with anxiety and self-esteem. He went on to list them as deterrents that as of late kept him from being himself on the camera.

“I have self-esteem issues, I have anxiety issues,” Junejo had said. “I don’t have any confidence in me to make anything that I want to make and I’m too scared to say what I really mean.”

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