Pakistan is not siding with any group in Afghanistan: Fawad

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain has emphatically stated that Pakistan is not siding with any group in Afghanistan.

Addressing a ceremony organized by Pak-Afghan Youth Forum in Islamabad on Friday, he said his country is trying to create an atmosphere and situation where all groups of Afghanistan can come together and form an inclusive government. This is the only way Afghanistan can actually form a stable government and peaceful society.

Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said that no one group in Afghanistan is in a position to capture the whole of Afghanistan.

The Information Minister noted that solid economic future of this region lies in a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and all our efforts are directed towards that end.

Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said we want to open up to the Central Asian States and build strong communication linkages with them. He said Pakistan has already signed a railway track project with Uzbekistan that will pass through Afghanistan. Likewise, we want to provide access of Gwadar and Karachi ports to the Central Asian States.  He stressed that only a stable Afghanistan can guarantee the frequency of communication in the region.