Pakistan airports to facilitate UN food program for Afghanistan aid

KARACHI: In order to facilitate the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP), the Civil Aviation Authority has decided to allow UN planes to use Pakistani runways to take off for Afghanistan, ARY News reported.

In order to dispatch food and essential items to Kabul, the tarmac of Pakistani airports will be used, said today the civil aviation office. Against this facility, the CAA will charge the fee as per its schedule.

Additionally, the WFP will have to furnish detail of the stuff its intending to fly to Kabul via the Islamabad and Peshawar airports.

The notification said a fixed-wing aircraft two-manned aircraft will be used for aid staple and will take off from Islamabad airport en route to Kabul.

Separately, an M18 helicopter will carry six men and food staple for the Kabul landing.

UN’s WFO reached out to Pakistani CAA for aid in this regard, the aviation authority said in a notification.

CAA allows UN delegation to travel to Islamabad from category C country

Separately today, CAA allowed a UN delegation from Bangkok to land at Islamabad airport, easing travel restrictions on inbound passengers from countries in the third (C) category.

The notification in this regard has been issued by the deputy director of air transport of the CAA.

After the ease in travel restriction, a five-member UN delegation will reach Islamabad from Bangkok today.

“They will undergo a mandatory PCR test on their arrival, besides also being quarantined for seven to 10 days,” the CAA said while emphasizing that the delegation would fulfil the mandatory COVID protocols.

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