Numbers game reveals seats each party will get in Senate polls from Sindh  

KARACHI: Number game is important in upcoming Senate elections in Sindh province as it sheds lights as to how many seats Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and federal government alliance comprising PTI, MQM-P and GDA would get in polls scheduled for March 03, ARY NEWS reported.

The number of lawmakers in the Sindh Assembly stands at 168 and each of them would get separate ballots for general, technocrat and women seats. The lawmakers would vote for seven general seats and two seats each reserved for women and technocrats.

Seven Senators of PPP and four from MQM-P are retiring in March after completing their tenure.

According to details, each party would need 21 votes at least to get a Senator elected from the general seat while for women and technocrats seat, they would need support of 56 lawmakers.

The PPP has the support of its 99 lawmakers and would easily grab six Senate seats, however, the ruling party could get hold of two more seats if the opposition fails to put up a joint front.

The opposition parties that are part of the federal government coalition have the support of 65 lawmakers including 30 lawmakers of PTI, 21 of MQM-P and 14 MPAs of GDA.

If MQM-P, PTI and GDA present a joint front in the Senate polls from the province, then they could be able to get at least four and at most five seats. In this scenario, MQM-P could get a general seat, besides also securing a technocrat or woman seat.

The PTI could also get two seats and GDA could secure one Senate seat in case of a united front from the federal coalition parties.

A tough fight is expected on technocrats seat between PPP and other parties of the federal coalition. In case, the federal coalition fails to evolve a joint strategy, both the MQM-P and PTI would lose one seat each.

The Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) have three and one seats respectively and could play an important role in paving way for any other in getting an additional seat in the polls.

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