Nick Cannon wants to end beef with Eminem, asks Fat Joe to mediate the talks

Nick Cannon and Eminem has long running beef and they  have released  multiple diss tracks to attack each other.

Nick sat for an interview with  Fat Joe  on Instagram and talked about the dispute the Detroit rapper.

The Wild’n Out creator admitted he would be willing to let bygones be bygones. 

“One day, hopefully, dude and I will get an opportunity to sit down, ’cause like I said, I do respect his ability,” Nick said.

When Joe said  he would be willing to mediate the talk between Nick and Em, Nick said, “If you can do it, man,” .

 “I been trying to get…I done talked to Royce, we trying to really get it popping, ’cause I think at the end two men need to really have that conversation,” he added.

“While you at it, tell him to come…we’ll set up an exclusive Wild’n Out Detroit,” Nick added.

Em and Nick Cannon’s beef is over a decade old and dates back to when Slim called out Nick and former wife Mariah Carey on the 2009 song “Bagpipes From Bagdad.” Em reignited the beef in 2019 on the Fat Joe track “Lord Above” when he took shots at Cannon. Nick returned the vitriol with a series of diss tracks and even involved 50 Cent.

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