Motivating and Managing Startups Through Uncertainty w/ Sarah Pillmore

Sarah Pillmore is the former VP of human resources and talent acquisition at two of Expedia Group’s premier brands, Hotwire and In her role, she also led the global diversity & inclusion strategies. Now, Sarah is the Chief People Officer at Osler Diagnostics, a health technology company developing innovative biosensor technology as well as being an active angel investor.

During this global pandemic, founders are facing unprecedented levels of stress and pressure as they navigate their companies through a severe economic contraction. How can founders and startup leaders best manage their teams, provide support, and encourage employee wellbeing through this crisis? How can founders build a culture and inspire employees with social distancing and remote workers? In this exclusive #DreamitLive, startups will hear from Sarah on several critical topics including:

– How founders and startups can best deal with “well being” during an economic crisis
– How to keep teams motivated and focused during challenging times
– “Imposter syndrome” — what it is, how it holds founders back, and how to overcome it
– The best ways to remotely hire new employees
– How to manage the difficult process of laying off employees