Mikaal Zulfiqar opens up about divorce and future plans

Pakistani hearthrob Mikaal Zulfiqar has been divorced for about four years now, and in a recent appearance on a morning show the actor touched upon the topic and whether he has plans to settle down again.

Appearing on Good Morning Pakistan with Nida Yasir, the Khwaab Nagar Ki Shehzadi actor was asked about his divorce by the host. “I had always seen you being very committed and caring in your relationship. What went wrong then?” asked Nida.

Responding to the question, Mikaal said, “I think sometimes two people are just not meant to be together… it’s okay, it happens sometimes.”

He then added that he is thankful for his kids, saying that they are the ‘plus point’ about his failed marriage; the actor has two daughters, Rania and Elaina, with former wife Sara Bhatti.

Nida also inquired whether he had found anyone else yet, to which Mikaal shared that he hasn’t.

Has he been approached by girls, given that he is quite good looking?

“They might have but to be honest, I haven’t been ready yet, so I think that’s been the reason,” he said. “Hopefully, when I’m ready I’ll find someone. It will happen when it has to happen.”

He also added that he has different priorities right now with his work and his kids in the mix. “I also have to be very careful with my future decisions now because there are kids involved,” he said.


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