Meghan Markle files lawsuit against photo agency on son Archie's behalf

Meghan Markle’s war against the media doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon as she recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of her son Archie.

The mother-son duo are suing a photo agency in Canada for taking photos of them while they were walking their dog in Vancouver Island.

The photographs taken in January were by an agency called Splash which has been accused of breaching the toddler’s privacy, as per the Duchess of Sussex who added that this was in violation of the Data Protection Act.

Splash’s solicitors have hit back at her claims, saying she “knew everything that was going on” but “she carried on walking when she knew she was being photographed.”

The case has been forwarded to the High Court in London under the name of Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor as well as Meghan.

The duke and duchess are described in the lawsuit as Archie’s “litigation friends” meaning they have been appointed to make decisions for him in the lawsuit.

A representative of the couple, barrister Jonathan Barnes said in a remote hearing that the mother-son had been “papped.”

“In a nutshell, as a claimant lawyer, I would describe what happened to the claimants as being they were ‘papped’. This was without their acquiescence or consent and it is accepted that it was by an employee of the [US agency], Steve Dennett,” he said.

Barnes added that the photos were taken during a “private recreational outing on Vancouver Island.”

He continued, saying that Splash reps had claimed in correspondence that “the first claimant knew everything that was going on and was a volunteer in the sense that she carried on walking when she knew she was being photographed.”

“What happened immediately after the photographs were taken is that … they were immediately offered for worldwide syndication to the media and, what’s more, they were then snapped up, in particular by Associated Newspapers and News Group.”   

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