Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's fate in royal family is 'sealed', warns Robert Lacey

The criticism against Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has been mounting of late, ever since the wrath was reignited about their Netflix deal after the release of The Crown’s season four.

Royal historian and author of Battle of Brothers, Robert Lacey claims the fate of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex seems to have been sealed with the royal family and there is no going back.

In a chat with writer Alain Elkann, Lacey said: “The family will remain split. I don’t see Harry and Meghan ever being working members of the Royal Family in the future.”

“I make frequent comparisons between the current situation and Edward VIII’s abdication crisis, both are essentially conflicts between love and duty. Harry stands for love and Harry has gone into exile,” said Lacey.

Edward VIII, brother of King George VI had abdicated the throne back in 1937 for his true love, American socialite, Wallis Simpson and had moved to France with her after marrying.

This article originally appeared on The News International