Level 9999 SPICY Korean FIRE NOODLE Challenge with Mark Wiens and Sonny!!! (ULTIMATE Collaboration!)

Level 9999 Extreme Spicy Noodle Challenge with Korean Fire Noodles Featuring Mark Wiens and Sonny 🔥
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We finally did it, the ULTIMATE collaboration between us street food YouTubers!
Mark’s video on his channel features Thai Street Food and his spicy noodle challenge as well!
And check out Sonny’s video on his channel too which features Vietnamese Street food and his spicy korean noodle challenge too! This will be WAY BETTER than the BUZZFEED Fire noodle challenge, guaranteed!!!

My channel is usually about street food around the world, but since the lockdown is in place all over the world, we’ve collaborated with Mark Wiens and Sonny (best ever food review show) to create this ultimate Korean Fire Noodle Challenge! It’s the best Korean food challenge on the internet! These are NUCLEAR Fire Noodles! I wouldn’t quite say its a spicy noodle ASMR, but it’s close, because we’re eating the 2x spicy noodles! It’s definitely a spicy noodle Mukbang! These are like spicy ramen x 100, and we’re giving them a taste test! Get ready!

First up, we’re featuring local Malaysian street food in our home base of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! This collaboration is all about featuring local street food in our home base, which for me is Malaysia! I’m ordering some Nasi Dagang from Che Nah Nasi Dagang!

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We ordered this Nasi Dagang to do a Malaysian MUKBANG on a BANANA LEAF!! I ordered it with lots of different spicy curry and red grain rice! Chicken curry, beef curry, and fish curry, it was delicious!

And then, we’re calling up Mark Wiens and Sonny for the ultimate Fire NOODLE Challenge Mukbang collaboration! We got the Samyang 2x Spicy Fire Noodles to do the challenge! I made mine with a slight Malaysian touch with fried anchovies and onions! Mark Wiens made his Thai street food style, with big monster prawns! And Sonny made his with a banana and whip cream for pure comedic value!

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