Latecomers beware: New Zoom feature tracks attendance status

Zoom has introduced a new feature called "attendance status" which will allow meeting hosts to track how many people participated and who arrived late. 

Participants who haven't joined the meeting after being invited will have their names displayed on the host's screen under the "not joined" section, along with their calendar response to the meeting invitation.

The host can also click "Ask to join" to reinvite participants who are late to the meeting or they can send a personalised message to the missing participant in Zoom chat.

The attendance tracker is available for Google and Outlook calendar as well, but the feature itself is in beta testing at the moment.

Moreover, to use this tool, the meeting has to be recurring and scheduled after the new update has been integrated. The feature only works with a maximum of 200 participants and not more.

Zoom also announced that it has rolled out a few more features into the video conferencing app, including enhanced slide controls. Polls also have more options, where responses can be ranked, matched, allowing short or long answers and fill-in-the-blanks.


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