'Kent State Gun Girl' Kaitlin Bennett’s bodyguard brawls with protesters during college campus visit (VIDEO)

Conservative gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett was harassed by protesters when she visited the University of Central Florida, with things escalating to the point where her security was physically fighting people who swarmed her.

Several videos posted to social media on Thursday showed Bennett — known for her viral videos talking to liberals about everything from abortion to gun rights — receiving a not-so-warm welcome at the university, where she said she was working on a new project, which involved asking students if Joe Biden or Donald Trump would be a better president for black Americans.

Protesters began following Bennett and her production and security team around campus, telling her to “get the f**k out of here.” Some were holding Black Lives Matter signs.

She eventually made her way inside a bagel shop and her security team ended up physically pushing demonstrators back, though it’s unclear which side started getting physical first. 

Campus police eventually arrived on the scene to escort Bennett and her team.

The university put out a statement about the incident, though they did not acknowledge the violence and instead admonished Bennett and her crew for not complying with the school’s COVID-19 regulations because they had to be told to wear face coverings. 

The school also said Bennett’s group “intended to agitate” and “offended many members of our community.”

In her own statement, Bennett called the school “liars” and said her security team visited the day before to get permission to film and they were told they did not have to wear masks.

“What liars! I went to @UCF to ask students who would be a better president for black Americans, Trump or Biden, and YOUR students got violent and violated your COVID-19 policy that prohibits social gatherings of more than 12. But you didn’t enforce that, did you?” she tweeted. 

Bennett was also swarmed by chanting protesters in February at Ohio State University who harassed and threw drinks at her as she was leaving. 

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