Kabul deputy governor killed in 'sticky bomb' attack on car in afghanistan

The deputy governor of the Afghan capital, Kabul, has been killed in a “sticky bomb” attack, security officials say.Mahboobullah Mohebi and his secretary both died on Tuesday when a device attached to their car exploded.

No group has yet said it was behind the attack.

It is the latest in a spate of killings. Also on Tuesday, a deputy provincial council member died after a similar attack in Ghor province.

Journalists, activists and other political figures have been targeted in recent weeks.

The capital has also been hit by rockets twice this month, and recently saw attacks on educational centres, including a massacre of students at a university. The Islamic State group said it had carried out the student killings and one of the rocket attacks.

Several recent attacks on individuals have used so-called “sticky bombs”, attached to vehicles by magnets.

Afghan news channel Tolo TV reported that two of Mr Mohebi’s security guards were also injured in Tuesday’s attack.

(This story has been published from Such TV feed, without modifications to the text)