Inam Butt highlights conspiracy against him during World Beach Wrestling Series

Romania: Wrestler Iman Butt has highlighted conspiracy against him during the World Beach Wrestling series despite winning the first two matches.

According to Inam, he was ruled out from the semi-final stage after Ukraine and Azerbaijan wrestlers fixed their match, allowing Azerbaijan wrestler to qualify for the next stage.

“I was in a stable position to qualify for the semi-final but the match between Ukraine and Azerbaijan was fixed. The Azerbaijani was given a wrong technical point and under the conspiracy Pakistan was eliminated from the event,” he said.

Inam defeated Azerbaijani player by 3-0 in the event but now the same player is playing the final.

Inam has written a petition to Romanian Wrestling Federation and United World Wrestling to expose the fixing.

Earlier this month, Iman won two gold medals in World Beach Wrestling Series’ events held in Italy and Greece

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