In new WhatsApp feature, users can now choose wallpapers for each chat

The latest WhatsApp  iOS update has improved wallpapers and its sticker search, The Verge reported Tuesday.

“Make your chats personal and distinguishable by using a custom wallpaper for your most important chats and favorite people, and you never need worry about sending the wrong message in the wrong chat ever again,” The Verge reported, citing an email from Facebook.

The users can now select separate wallpapers for light and dark mode settings. “Watch your chat wallpaper automatically transition as your phone device setting switches from light to dark mode,” Facebook said.

According to The Verge, the instant messaging app is introducing more colours for the default doodle wallpaper. Meanwhile, all wallpapers can be dimmed or brightened as the users desire.

New wallpapers with dark mode support. — Facebook

“As we start to roll this out, we encourage sticker app creators to tag their stickers with emojis and text moving forward,” Facebook said, adding: “so their stickers are searchable for WhatsApp users.”

Moreover, WhatsApp has now made available the World’s Health Organization’s “Together at Home” sticker pack as animated stickers. “Together at Home has been one of the most popular sticker packs across WhatsApp,” Facebook said, adding: “and will now be even more expressive and useful in its animated form.”

Facebook said that the updates would be available to users this week, however, some iOS WhatsApp users have seen them appear in the app already, according to The Verge.

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