Imran Khan applauds ‘game changer’ Karachi coastal development plan

ISLAMABAD: Well done, said Said Prime Minister Imran Khan while complimenting the Ministry of Maritime Affairs for its curtain raiser of the new Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone (KCCDZ) and termed the project a game-changer for the city, ARY News reported.

He said earlier today via his official Twitter handle that the inclusion of KCCDZ “in CPEC is game changer”. It will clean up our marine habitat for fishermen, develop 20 thousand low-income housing units and “present opportunities for investors”.


“Will put Khi [Karachi] at par with developed port cities,” PM Imran Khan noted.

Multi-billion CPEC project to ‘place Karachi among world’s top port cities

Yesterday, China and Pakistan developed a consensus on making the multi-billion Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone (KCCDZ) project part of the CPEC framework.

The consensus was reached during the 10th Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) of CPEC on Sep 23, according to a press release shared by Maritime Affairs Minister Ali Zaidi on his official Twitter handle.

It said the project, an initiative of the Maritime Affairs Ministry will focus on providing Karachi with an ultra-modern urban infrastructure zone, placing the metropolis amongst the top port cities of the world.

The KCCDZ will be executed on direct Chinese investment in partnership with Karachi Port Trust (KPT), the statement said. The volume of expected investment is around $3.5 billion.

The project, to be built on a reclaimed area of approximately 640 hectares on the Western back waters marsh land of KPT, will be a flagship project for not only Pakistan but the entire region.

“In accordance with PM Imran Khan’s vision for promoting low-cost housing, KCCDZ will also provide residential resettlement to more than 20,000 families living in the surrounding slums,” read the statement.

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