‘I dream of becoming world boxing champion’ Feroze Khan

KARACHI: Pakistani actor Feroze Khan is looking forward to trying his luck in amateur boxing and training hard daily to fulfill his dream to become a world champion. 

Feroze appeared as a guest in ARY News’ show ‘Bouncer‘. The Khaani actor shared his ambitions to become a top amateur boxer in the world.

“It’s a risky career swap for me but my aim now is to accomplish my goal to become a world champion in boxing. And for that, I am training hard with a professional boxing coach,” he shared.

“It wasn’t an overnight decision. I knew it could hurt my acting career and whenever I come into the ring, I ask myself ‘What am I doing here?’. But, now it has become a passion and dream to do something big in boxing,” he added.

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Feroze shared his training routine and said it can take more than a year to contest in his first amateur fight. “I have been training boxing for months now. It’s hard but not impossible. I train for hours and hours on my skill, fitness, and mindset. I also have plans to go and train in the United States as my main goal is to fight against top boxers in the world,” he said.

Feroze worked in top Pakistani dramas such as Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3, Khaani, Gul e Rana and Ishqiya. He will also be seen in Qasim Ali Mureed’s upcoming film Tich Button.

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