Gas pipeline explosion creates giant bright ball of flame near roadway in Oklahoma (VIDEOS)

Police and firefighters were deployed to tackle a major fire produced by a gas pipeline blast near the town of Piedmont, Oklahoma. The blaze is so intense that crews are forced to work in shifts to tackle it.

A 12-inch pipeline blew up, leaving a major crater across the roadway, local media reported.

Videos circulating on social media show a bright massive blaze raging alongside a country road.

Aerial footage also shows the pipeline in flames, with thick clouds of smoke rising in the sky, as fire crews were dispatched at the site.

According to reports, the pipeline has been shut down, but the explosion caused grass fires.

Authorities have closed several roads in the area. Local media also said that the heat from the fire is so intense that emergency crews are forced to rotate.

Police told KOCO 5 News that very few people are living in the area where the blast happened, and there are no known injuries as of yet.

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