Fresh drone VIDEO shows Beirut resembling Moon's surface one month after huge blast left 1,000s dead and injured

New drone footage captured by RT’s video agency Ruptly reveals the devastation at ground zero in Beirut’s port in detail, one month after the massive explosion which shook the Lebanese capital.

The video shows the port, where the now-infamous warehouse full of improperly stored explosives used to sit. The whole area was essentially flattened by the blast. No building was left standing, apart from massive grain silos that managed to withstand the explosion and even shielded part of the city.

Ground zero looks like a barren wasteland marked with the shells of buildings, buried under fragments of former walls and roofs. Further away, the half-destroyed surrounding landscape of windowless city buildings can be seen.

Meanwhile, the roads between the ruins are full of moving cars, creating some surreal imagery.

The huge explosion on August 4 killed at least 190 people, injured more than 6,000, and left around 300,000 homeless. Some 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate is believed to have fueled the explosions, having been unsafely stored in a portside warehouse since 2014.

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