Five top podcast apps of 2021

The year 2020 has initiated more people into podcasts consumtion, whether it’s their favorite TV show, a documentary, a political episode or comedy. The release of Spotify in Pakistan has provided a new platform to access premium range of podcasts on their favourite application, besides music. If you’re not hooked on to podcasts, while commuting between work, running, and or just relaxing at home, here’s a few of the best podcast apps you can begin streaming now!

Apple Podcast

Only available to iOS devices, Apple podcast is one of the best applications including over 30 million episodes that can be downloaded easily and streamed offline. Its unique feature of syncing with Siri helps you get better podcast suggestions, while linking with Apple account to Alexa products will enable you to listen in on Amazon Products. You can effortlessly shift between devices without losing your tempo and continuing where you left off. The app also lets you connect via Bluetooth to other audio devices, with features to adjust speed and setting a sleep timer.

The application allows easy navigation between different genres and Apple playlist collections. The search bar helps find podcasts by topic and people mentioned in the episode, through its transcript. The playback feature can let you rewind episodes by 15 to 30 seconds. The application notifies you when a new episode of your favourite podcast is released, and recommends similar content to help you discover more.

Though the application is free of cost, there are some premium subscribed titles and exclusive content that require a monthly fee for accessibility. Premium subscribers can benefit from ad-free content and early access to new releases.

Google Podcast

This free application can be used on your browsers, iOS and Android devices, with an attractive new interface, and content almost similar to that available on Apple Podcast. If a show isn’t available on the app, you can add it manually by entering its RSS feed. The podcasts are available for download and offline streaming, allowing you to make a queue of all the episodes you want to listen to in order.

Google Podcast offers an Explore Topics feature which is linked to Google search results for keywords on the kind of podcast you are listening to. The Activity tab keeps a history and record of all the podcasts you have been listening to, your downloads, playlists and subscriptions. With a 30 second fast-forward option, 10 second rewind, sleep timer, changing speed, and an option of Trim Silence, podcast streaming has become more simple and easy. Transcripts of podcasts are available on those episodes which add them in.


The popular application after launching for the very first time in Pakistan, has a collection of 2.2 million podcasts and is compatible with iOS, Android, web browser, Media players, smart TV, gaming consoles and more. Though the application is free, you may have to subscribe to be a premium member to access the ad-free version, and accessibility to download your favourite playlists.

Spotify has variety of content available, some of it, exclusive to the application and not available anywhere else. You can choose to follow podcasts you like, so that you can be notified when a new episode has been added, while also exploring new podcasts under catagories of Music or Entertainment.

Spotify is compatible with Alexa-supported devices like Amazon Echo. Moreover, just like Google and Apple Podcast, you can effortlessly curate your own playlist and play each episode in order. The app offers similar features of playbook, fast forward, speed change and sleep timer for your ease and experience.


This application is primarily famous for its audiobooks but it also features a wide range of podcasts, inclusive of Audible original shows. Offering podcasts in various categories and topics, it is easy for you to find the right show for you on Audible.

The platform offers a unique review feature, so that users can rate host performance, the content/story and overall episode. While playing a podcast, you can adjust speed of the podcast, along with fast-forwarding or rewinding it for your convenience. Compatible with Amazon devices, you can download your favourite podcast or add them to your library, which will automatically download them before you begin listening to new episodes.

Audible Originals are only available for premium subscribers, inclusive of their popular crime documentary series, “Brooklyn North” .This platform offers users with podcasts and audiobooks all in one place, and for one small subscription.

Tune In

This platform is primarily a radio, but has a wide selection of podcasts available as well, in plenty of genres and topics. Tune in is compatible in all devices, including PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast and more.

The free version includes a number ad interruptions, while a one-time fee of $10 can provide you access to TuneIn Pro, without pre-roll and visual display ads. A monthly premium subscription can grant you access to music and selective radio stations as well. By connecting the apps to your Alexa devices, you can stream live political talk shows, sports and news. TuneIn is also compatible to car mode, providing a simplified menu for easy access while driving.

The application, like Google, allows users to add podcasts not available on their platform, by adding a custom URL to your library. TuneIn Pro is only $10 and provide similar playing features as all podcast apps.

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