‘Fellow Pakistani players are jealous of me’ Mahoor

Tokyo: Pakistan’s Mahoor Shahzad has called some of her fellow players as ‘jealous’ after she became first individual from badminton to represent at the Olympics.

The 24-year-old Mahoor was knocked out of the competition after failing two bag win in two matches of the group stage.

Mahoor believes she received criticism after losing a match to world number four Akane Yamaguchi in the first match.

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“My last match was against world number four and I am ranked 121. It was quite difficult to score against her as she was not giving me any chances of attaining points,” Mahoor said.

“I was criticized heavily after the game by some people, including fellow players and journalists,” she added.

She hailed the encourage received from all across the world but just because she is number one in Pakistan, some players are jealous of her achievement.

“I recieved appreciation from India, China but some our own badminton players and others are jealous just becuase I am featuring in Olympics,” she maintained.

Meanwhile, Mahoor was satisfied with today’s performance against Great Britain’s Kirsty Gilmour as she managed to score 14 points in each sets.

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