Europe for Foodies with Cameron Hewitt | Rick Steves Travel Talks

Rick Steves’ Europe guidebook co-author (and foodie) Cameron Hewitt explains how food is a window into the culture, history, and landscape of a place…and it’s delicious, too. Equal parts inspirational and informative, this travel talk explains how food and culture are interrelated, and how age-old European food concepts have become newly trendy stateside. Cameron also offers practical tips on how to find memorable restaurants, navigate European dining and drinking customs, track down affordable street food, and take part in foodie experiences like cooking classes and agriturismo visits.

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Recorded on March 3, 2018 • Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Center

Written and Presented by Cameron Hewitt
Produced by Cameron Hewitt
Filmed and Edited by Zen Wolfang
Photography by Cameron Hewitt, Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli, Rick Steves, and others
Graphics by Heather Locke and Rhonda Pelikan

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